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My Review of Eitan Katz's New CD – Unplugged: Niggunei Reb Shlomo Carlebach

So as I said in the previous post. I wrote up a really great review of this CD and didn’t save it properly (I take the blame even though it was really Blogger’s fault) and I lost the entire thing. … Continue reading

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I’m furious with Blogger right now. I wrote a huge review of Eitan Katz’s new CD last night. Blogger SAID they had this new function that “autosaves” everything you write. So I didn’t bother to save a copy in MSWord. … Continue reading

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Rebbe'ishe Melodies

Since I’ve now been trying to focus on music only blogging I thought it would be apropriate to post todays Hayom Yom which has a musical flavor to it …. ======================= “T O D A Y ‘ S D A … Continue reading

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My Review of Blue Fringes 3rd Album – The Whole World Lit Up

As soon as this CD starts you can tell it’s not going to be another Jewish rock CD. What I really liked about the first album was the grunge’ish alt feel the album had. It wasn’t too heavy but it … Continue reading

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The Shwekey Baby Ma Ma Ma Video

Oy ……

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The 30 Sec Spot You Knew Was Coming….

… and I’m glad it did. Very effective, very potent. Good ad.

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Music!! Music!! Here is My List of What to Get.

Here is a small list of new releases that I’ve bought, will buy or will skip for now. Already Bought Eitan Katz Unplugged: R’ Shlomo Songs This is what I’ve been listening to since last night. As of last night … Continue reading

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