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My Review of Eitan Katz's New CD – Unplugged: Niggunei Reb Shlomo Carlebach

So as I said in the previous post. I wrote up a really great review of this CD and didn’t save it properly (I take the blame even though it was really Blogger’s fault) and I lost the entire thing. … Continue reading

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I’m furious with Blogger right now. I wrote a huge review of Eitan Katz’s new CD last night. Blogger SAID they had this new function that “autosaves” everything you write. So I didn’t bother to save a copy in MSWord. … Continue reading

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Rebbe'ishe Melodies

Since I’ve now been trying to focus on music only blogging I thought it would be apropriate to post todays Hayom Yom which has a musical flavor to it …. ======================= “T O D A Y ‘ S D A … Continue reading

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My Review of Blue Fringes 3rd Album – The Whole World Lit Up

As soon as this CD starts you can tell it’s not going to be another Jewish rock CD. What I really liked about the first album was the grunge’ish alt feel the album had. It wasn’t too heavy but it … Continue reading

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The Shwekey Baby Ma Ma Ma Video

Oy ……

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The 30 Sec Spot You Knew Was Coming….

… and I’m glad it did. Very effective, very potent. Good ad.

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Music!! Music!! Here is My List of What to Get.

Here is a small list of new releases that I’ve bought, will buy or will skip for now. Already Bought Eitan Katz Unplugged: R’ Shlomo Songs This is what I’ve been listening to since last night. As of last night … Continue reading

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Good Shabbos, Peek a Boo!

Just popping in to say Good Shabbos and to ask for some love. Despite obscure conspiracies by the minor minority of critics. I didn’t make it past the first round in any non music related category. Music is what I … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to the Yahoo Jewish Music Group

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. Say what you will it was an interesting place. Stalkers, reviews, and the bi annual fight over what it considered “Jewish music”, it’s been a staple in online … Continue reading

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Eitan Katz has a new CD of Reb Shlomo tunes. I downloaded this sampler and on my way home from work today I will be getting the CD. It sounds so serene and beautiful. I’ll most certainly be writing a … Continue reading

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