Get Your Jibs On!

Aside from one big baby, everything is going very nicely over at The Jibs. I’m happy that I was nominated, I’m not gonna lie it’s nice to know people thought of you. I was nominated for Best Designed, Best JM Blog and The Shtus Blog was nominated for Best Humor. (Jack, that’s the one and only time I’ll mention that, promise!)

Every time we go through this I find it amazing just how many blogs I had never ever seen before. It’s wonderful that there are so many blogs. The way I see it blogs fall into a few categories.

1) Blog I visit every day and I consider my favorites.

2) Blogs I know about, but either don’t ever read or read very rarely.

3) Blogs I have never heard of.

I’ve been blogging and/or reading blogs for well over 3 years now. So it’s great that not only am I finding newish blogs that I’ve never seen before. I’m finding blogs that have been around for a long time which I’ve never seen.

That to me says it works. Sure there is that aspect that it’s partly a popularity contest and egos looking to get a boost, but overall it’s about opening up your experience and hopefully new people reading Jewish blogs for the first time.

So go to The Jibs and just go through the blogs, go through them by category and see what’s out there that you might have not known about. You’d be surprised.

When the Jibs are over I will be posting about all the new blogs I’ve found and will be happy to hear and post which new blogs other people found.


About lifeofrubinarchives

You enjoyed this blog for 5 years, but sadly now the ride is over. We decided to move the archives here for people who want to go back and revisit old posts and for new people to discover the blog for the first time!
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