Is This The End of FM Radio?

Just a couple weeks after the Imus firing, we have another suspension and possible firing. This time it’s NY’s (only) Rock Station 92.3 Free FM, (formerly 92 K-Rock) The Doghouse with JV and Elvis.

To be honest, the show stinks and the station isn’t that great either. Any show called “The Doghouse” should have be the first tip that it’s going to be a show that will offend some.

This was my problem with Imus, it’s the beginning of the end for all talk radio. Yes, it’s insulting, but hello, listen to any of these shock jock, morning FM zoo style shows and they are always offensive. They are not family friendly and often make fun of stereotypes of every race, creed and gender.

If you don’t like it, don’t listen. In both cases the stink was/is being raised by people who don’t even listen to the show in the first place. If they hadn’t read about in an email or an article somewhere they wouldn’t have even known it was said. Even worse is that in this case, the offended party wasn’t even offended until it was played a second time a couple weeks later.

In an interview today before the suspensions were announced, Vicki Shu Smolin, president of the organization’s New York City chapter, said she was mystified that CBS would allow the call to be broadcast in the first place and then would permit it to be replayed in the aftermath of the Imus incident. (“The Dog House” has been waging a broad campaign in support of Mr. Imus both on the show and on its Web site.)

“I just see plain ignorance in the CBS management — of the community, of who we are, of what we’re all about,” Ms. Shu Smolin said. “If they don’t fire the D.J.’s, it will be a double standard.”

She promised to rip a page from the playbook of the Rev. Al Sharpton, who led the charge for Mr. Imus’s dismissal, by staging protests of CBS Radio and boycotting advertisers on WFNY.

“They don’t think they’re going to get any backlash from the Asian-American community,” she said. “They’re definitely wrong.”

We are going down a very dangerous path people. We are shutting up people we don’t agree with. being offensive isn’t against the law. It may be wrong and in bad taste, but it’s not a crime.

Free speech is under attack in this country.


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