Weird Moments in Jewish Speech.

How about something light for a Friday morning, ok?

So there is a toilet paper holder in the master bathroom that has been loose now for a couple weeks. I finally decided last night to do what any decent and responsible husband would do. I got my screwdriver and took it apart. I re-tightened everything and put it back together and then reinstalled it. Right after I finished tightening it, while I was still on my back with screw driver in hand I told my wife that it was fixed.

I said “I don’t think it should get loose for a while and Im Yirtze Hashem it will stay tight.”

That’s when my wife asked me the following, “Did you just say Im Yitzei Hashem while you’re lying on the floor in a bathroom?” Sometimes you don’t even realize how integrated “Jewish talk” is until you’re on your back fixing a bathroom accessory.

I doubt that the Aibeshter is worrying about whether or not my toilet paper holder will get loose again.

(Editors Note: I’m not gonna go into the whole everything is for a reason, even a leaf falling on the ground, I’m speaking strictly superficially)


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