The Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards Are Here!

The Jibs are Here! Participate! Nominate! Browse!

I want to thank everyone out there who has helped make this happen. Honestly way back when this all started I thought I was insane to take this on. Especially considering the circumstances, but I really felt that we could make this happen. There is no way any of this would be possible without Akiva of Mystical Paths. Many bloggers have helped out tremendously, but Akiva really took the ball and ran with it. He has done an amazing job and really shown himself to be a great manager and leader.

Please don’t look at this as some silly pat yourself on the back competition. I mean, look, if you are just in it to get an award then thats ok also. But the main goal here is publicity. We want people to go through all the nominations and eventually the blogs in the finals. Go through the posts and go through and just click on any blog you see. If you have a blog then please, post about which new blogs you have found and which you think should be voted for.

I’m so proud of all the bloggers who have come together to work on this or advise on this. I want to publicly thank DovBear for all his support and advice. He has been a real star throughout this and really been doing a great job with the best in quality post series he has started. (if you think you’ve got a great post send it to him)

The endgame here is to get people to find new blogs and see new perspectives. It’s important for all Jews to respect each other and see where we all come from. Many of us may not agree either about politics or religious topics, but we are all brothers and sisters. People should be able to disagree and still be friends.

For me, the theme of this years award are Ahavas Yisroel. Loving your fellow Jew. Let’s all do our part in promoting each other and make a kiddush hashem by showing the world that even though we disagree we can all still be polite, respectful of course tolerant.

I just wanted to thank everyone else on the committee as well. It’s been a real pleasure working with you. Ezzie of Serandez ,Go Golan , Rafi Life in Israel , Jack Jack’s Shack , Irina of The IgNoble Experiment , Sholom of Anarcho-Judaism , Sammy of Yid with Lid and Shloimy of Jewish Blogmeister.

If you are part of a Jewish organization or media outlet and would like to be a sponsor for the Jibs please email me or click here.

The Jibs are Here! Participate! Nominate! Browse!


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