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Hear Akiva on the Radio talk about The Jibs!

Have you ever wondered what Akiva of Mystical Paths sounds like? Well, now you can find out! Hear Akiva talk about The Jibs on Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva). I think he did a terrific job. It’s just over 20 … Continue reading

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It's all About the Shtus!

I just wanted to welcome and thank Psycho Toddler for joining The Shtus Blog. What is the Shtus Blog? Well, it’s a blog about a shtus. It’s for silly, pointless, shtus like things. Basically it’s a place to post Famly … Continue reading

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Nachum Segal Shreds AKAPella

Wow. I had heard it was an interesting interview, but I just started listening now and it’s brutal. I am halfway through but Nachum really sticks it to them. Listen here, I’m gonna try to pull some quotes from it … Continue reading

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Jibs Stuff (Best Posts Voting Now Opened)

Click here to vote for your favorite posts. Get some tips from Ezzie and David.

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Happy Sunday! (Mini Roundup)

So these Shabbos afternoons are getting really long huh? I think if your single they must be amazing. I think if your kids are older and you can sleep in or not have to supervise the kids, they must be … Continue reading

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No Excuses

Sorry for the light blogging lately, things have been so nuts in my life right now. I’m trying to do way too many things at once. I’m taking onto too many jobs at the same time and I hope it … Continue reading

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Free JM Download: Avi Piamenta New Acapella Track

This sounds great, I really like it. In an interesting reproduction of his famous song “Siman Tov U’Mazal Tov” Avi Piamenta created a unique and interesting A cappella song, in which all sounds recorded are done by mouth, with no … Continue reading

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