I got a very interesting e-mail this morning.


In the past you’ve written about Hasc so I thought you would find this interesting. I went into a Judaica store yesterday to buy a new Hagada but somehow wandered off to the music section. I wanted to buy the Hasc19 DVD but I couldn’t find it on the shelf. I asked someone in the store and they told me that they had been instructed to pull them off the shelves because Hasc used the Carnegie Hall name without permission. – Rob

Wow. So that’s big. Just to confirm this I called a different Judaica store and I was given the same answer. A quick search of Mostly Music’s site and Sameach’s also confirmed that it wasn’t online anymore. If anyone knows more information please email me.

How could something like this happen? If they weren’t supposed to use Carnegie Hall’s name, then didn’t they think that there was a remote chance it would get back to Carnegie Hall? All they would have had to do is enter this google search and it would come up right away.



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