Crown Heights Matzah Scare Over: Woman Confirmed Jewish

Recently a woman who was working at the Matzah Bakery was under suspicion of pretending to be Jewish just to work there. They were having a hard time confirming her heritage at first and it became a huge problem in Crown Heights. The Beis Din in Crown Heights ruled that any Matzahs bought from the bakery here were kosher but shouldn’t be used for the Seder. A lot of people were upset about this and people wanted refunds.
Today it’s being publicized that the matter has been resolved. The local Shliach in Minsk was able to track down through local sources the information and confirmed that she is indeed Jewish.

The worker, whose name is Iryna, informed the bakery that her mother lives in Belarus (White Russia). Rabbi Osdabo then telephoned Rabbi Shneur Deutsch, a young Chabad shliach serving the city of Minsk and who, like his fellow colleagues, is accustomed to receiving such requests for identity clarification.

After searching through the records of the Jewish Community in Minsk, Rabbi Deutsch located Iryna’s mother who goes by the name of MANTUZAUA LUBOU. Her mother told the Rabbi that her husband was a non-Jew who was appointed a senior officer in the Russian Army. For many years she did not have any connection with the Jewish community or Judaism and her knowledge of the religion is really nothing. “Except for ”Pesach,“ she did not know how to pronounce the names of the holidays,” said the Shliach.”

Very interesting. The article does not make clear if the Beis Din has now said you could use the Matzah for the Seder or not. But I suppose if she was confirmed to be Jewish then the entire issue goes away, right?


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