The 4th Edition of J-Pix is Now Live!!

Hey everyone. It’s a real pleasure and an honor to be able to host the 4th edition of the J-Pix carnival. This I believe will grow into one of my favorite weekly roundups. I love pictures and I love the candidness of these photographers. There all so random and just “life-like” it’s just wonderful. Thanks to Aaron of Bagel Blogger for setting up this great new carnival and if you’d like to host please contact him.

I know everyone always says this, but I mean it. I had some stuff going on yesterday and I know I probably missed a lot of photos. I think I included everything that was sent to me, but I didnt do a good enough job looking for stuff on my own. I hope what I do have here will hold you over till Pesach and if I did miss someones stuff PLEASE forgive me. I did NOT do it on purpose. Please go through the actual descriptions. I didn’t post all the pictures from ALL the posts, just some to highlight what to see in these posts.

…. and now for the pictures ……

A Simple Jew always has an abundance of wonderful images. Here are just some of them.

Snow Day, Maos Chitim, Antique and Grandma’s Coleslaw Bowl.

Rafi from the Life in Israel Blog has some Shechita pictures. Warning they might be a bit graphic. Rafi also posts about a recent drive to spend Shabbos in a Hotel in Moshav Nir Etzion.

Shiloh Musings has some revealing pictures from a recent border crossing.

She also has pictures from a bird spotting and from Shiloh of a traiditonal Pesach pilgrimage.

Mordechai gets a bracha from a Cohen before a test. Good idea, I wish I had thought of that when I was in school. Mordechai also has his photo of the week.

CosmicX has a really good image of some storm clouds hanging over Tel Aviv.

SoccerDad hints to what may be behind those extra calories.

Sarah With an H posts the appropriately titled “I’m Wiped” photo. She also has some pictures from her most recent trip to San Fran.

Josh took some really snow white pictures of … well … snow on Moutn Hermon.

Ezzie has an adorable picture of his baby girl on her birthday. Shep nachas my friend.

Speaking of adorable daughters, here is a precious shot of Harry and Ziva’s Tzofia.

Irina at The Ignoble Experiment has some pictures of Spring blooming everywhere.

Gogolan has some more interesting pictures of Lizards. GoGolan also posts some great random shots of a trip to Acco.

David also has some really wild pictures of Animals.

David takes some pictures of some interesting signs.

Jeremy has an image so amazing, you’d think it wasn’t real. It also just so happens to have been taken in Beit Shemesh.

Apple770 links to a really amazing Chabad Art slideshow. There are some really classic and famous paintings here.

Last but not least (you have to say that right?) it’s not a phot per se, but it’s artistic related. Jewschool has gone under another radical redesign. I for one, love it.


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