Vosizneias Blog Comes Out in Support for Orthomom


“With a blog, anyone has power to make a difference. Thanks to freedom of speech, we can state our opinions openly and reach a large audience with our keystrokes. Blogs are not weighed down by the influences normally associated the other media, i.e. corporate culture, internal politics, outside pressure, etc. Orthomom’s blog was under attack precisely because of those issues. She voiced her complaints against Five Town’s school official, Pamela Greenbaum, who quickly went on the offensive. Ms. Greenbaum is now suing Google Inc. for release of the writer’s identity, and is considering a defamation lawsuit, as well. We are completely behind Orthomom in the battle for her privacy.”

Well said!


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You enjoyed this blog for 5 years, but sadly now the ride is over. We decided to move the archives here for people who want to go back and revisit old posts and for new people to discover the blog for the first time!
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