Sefirah's Bad Boyz are Back ….

The 2nd CD from the boys of Sefirah will be out soon. The cover looks great but it has nothing to do with Sefirah or Acappella. I think that these Acappella groups all have an identity crisis to deal with. They want to sound like real music and be considered a regular music group, which is understandable. But they are only given any attention during Sefirah and the 3 Weeks which are both times of seriousness and self reflection. It’s a catch 22 that can’t ever be resolved.

This year I hold to my decision from last year. If someone wants to be serious about NOT listening to any music during sefirah then they shouldn’t listen to Acappella music either. If you are more lenient, or aren’t that serious about it to begin with then I’m sure you will enjoy this CD. Based on the quality of their first CD I’m sure it will be great. But again, if you don’t listen to “regular” music during Sefirah then (in my own personal opinion) you shouldn’t listen to CD’s like this one either.


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