A Tragedy Stretching from Israel to Queens: Mother and Daughter Die in Car Crash

This is awful, just awful. My heart breaks from reading it.

Tragedy struck on the roads of Israel. Mrs. Rochel Tzedek-Scheurson (Tzikashvili) OBM of Nachalat Har Chabad and her daughter Mrs. Yochevet Chein OBM of Queens were killed in a horrific car crash.

They were on their way to ‘Har Hazitim’ to go visit the grave of R. Shmuel Tzedek-Scheurson (Tzikashvili) OBM the late husband of Mrs. Rochel on the day of his Yohrtziet. The car they were in was being driven by R. Aharon Chein husband of Mrs. Yochevet and are Shluchim to the Persian community in Queens when it was struck in the rear by a large truck, the driver R. Aharon was listed in critical condition in the ‘Kaplan’ Hospital in Rechovot.

There are no words that can be said to describe this tragic tragic death. Baruch Dayin Emes.


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