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Pizza Time in Flatbush Auctions Off First Pizza after Pesach

I think this is a great idea. The money goes to Tzedakah and Pizza Time gets tons of great press/pr/advertising. Everyone wins. I’m just curious, is there any Halachic issues with bidding or owning chometz that your going to eat … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement to Yisroel Williger

Please update your website. Your new CD has been out for a few weeks already and it still says “any day now.” You either have a website – or you don’t. But to have one and it just sits there … Continue reading

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How do You Get from Cambridge, USA to Cambridge, UK?

You swim. You gotta love the sense of humor over at Google.

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Categories Drop Down Menu Added

Even though I switched to Blogger Beta New Blogger a while ago. I don’t want to switch from the old template system to the new layouts system. I don’t want to lose my CSS menu for and second I don’t … Continue reading

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I got a very interesting e-mail this morning. Chaim, In the past you’ve written about Hasc so I thought you would find this interesting. I went into a Judaica store yesterday to buy a new Hagada but somehow wandered off … Continue reading

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1988: Burning the Chometz

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Harry Potter 7 Book Cover Art Released!!

Link here. (HT Ny Post)

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Crown Heights Matzah Scare Over: Woman Confirmed Jewish

Recently a woman who was working at the Matzah Bakery was under suspicion of pretending to be Jewish just to work there. They were having a hard time confirming her heritage at first and it became a huge problem in … Continue reading

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Two Free Jewish Music Downloads for Pesach

Sameach is giving away two Pesach songs away for free. You can download Yossi and Yerachmiel’s “Ma Nishtana” and the new “Yom Shekulo” both nice songs. Their cd was another one I liked but never got around to reviewing. Maybe … Continue reading

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After hearing some literally heart breaking news this morning, it was really a nice treat to hear some really happy happy news. A huge mazel tov to Aidel Maidel. I wish you all the happiness in the world. May this … Continue reading

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