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Pizza Time in Flatbush Auctions Off First Pizza after Pesach

I think this is a great idea. The money goes to Tzedakah and Pizza Time gets tons of great press/pr/advertising. Everyone wins. I’m just curious, is there any Halachic issues with bidding or owning chometz that your going to eat … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement to Yisroel Williger

Please update your website. Your new CD has been out for a few weeks already and it still says “any day now.” You either have a website – or you don’t. But to have one and it just sits there … Continue reading

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How do You Get from Cambridge, USA to Cambridge, UK?

You swim. You gotta love the sense of humor over at Google.

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Categories Drop Down Menu Added

Even though I switched to Blogger Beta New Blogger a while ago. I don’t want to switch from the old template system to the new layouts system. I don’t want to lose my CSS menu for and second I don’t … Continue reading

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I got a very interesting e-mail this morning. Chaim, In the past you’ve written about Hasc so I thought you would find this interesting. I went into a Judaica store yesterday to buy a new Hagada but somehow wandered off … Continue reading

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1988: Burning the Chometz

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Harry Potter 7 Book Cover Art Released!!

Link here. (HT Ny Post)

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