Haveil Havalim #108: The Get Lost Edition

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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. This week is the 108th edition of the J-Blogosphere longest running weekly blog roundup. I really wanted to do a Lost theme, because of the numbers, but I just didn’t have the time to think it through. I’m sorry, i guess the #’s reference will have to do for now.

As always thanks to David of Soccer dad. I’m happy to be hosting this fabulous project. Just a reminder, if you’d like to host one, it’s a little bit of hard work, but it’s worth the effort. It’s a great idea for lesser known blogs to welcome people into their “homes” and you will almost certainly find some new blogs in the mix.

I’m sorry I don’t have a snappy theme, but between you and me, those themes can be kind of time consuming, emotionally draining and intimidating. Maybe it’s not so bad that I’m breaking the recent trend. Anyway, for my money, the best way to do these things is by category.

Yitzchak Goodman presents a post In which Uri Avnery describes himself as an “Israeli patriot”.

My Right Word has a post titled “Uri Dan Had Opinions

Treppenwitz talks about the breach of trust between Israel and it’s citizens.

JoeSettler presents The Great Divide.

Meryl writes “New agreement, same old whines

West Bank Mama talks about The Missing Piece is the Ruler of the World

Then we have 702 Style Radio Station for Ramallah” which is posted at It’s Almost Supernatural.

Kesher Talk takes us Back when Israel was fashionable posted at Kesher Talk.

Yury Puzis presents From Sudan with Love posted at The Ministry of Offence.

Carl presents War not is likely in 2007 posted at Israel Matzav.

Dave links to a story on his blog titled “Fayce the Truth” posted at Israellycool

The YID With LID man (Aka) Sammy talks about “Libel in the NY Times: Its All Israel’s Fault

A Bisele Babka writes about the lack of Hebrew education on matters of conversation.

A Simple Jew presents The Mystery Of The Missing Red Hair.

My Right Word posts about Britney Spears’ new Sheitel!

Bagelblogger presents Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest Number 17 posted at Bagel Blogger.

If you love U.S. political humor you have to watch this video.

From Dag – Yated announces Charedi boycott of ALL Chinese products because of the Year of the Pig.

First let’s start with the latest from Orthomom. Here are more great comments at MoChassid and YidwithLid. In addition a recent article in Ha’aretz may prove depressing for people like Pamala Greenbaum, who obviously don’t believe in privacy or free speech. (you can’t sue everyone my friend …)

Here are just some of the bloggers who have written in support of Orthomom:

Carl at Israel Matzav, Suburban Kvetch, Charlie Hall, Still Wonderin, Rabbi Without a Cause, A Jewish Blog, My Right Word, Jewish Blogmeister, Canonist, SerandEz, Krum as a Bagel, MoChassid, DovBear, Just Passing Through, Chaim Rubin, YidWithLid, Jameel, Jewess, At The Back Of the Hill, A Barbaric Yawp, Meryl Yourish, Room Eight, Married in Brooklyn, Soccer Dad, Larry Gordon (5TJT), Cosmic X, Jack’s Shack, Rafi: Life in Israel, Solomania, I’m Haaretz, Failed Messiah

U.S./World News/Politics/Terror & more Stuff:
Chaim presents Semper Fidelis, Congressman Murtha? posted at Freedom, saying, “The Left’s curious choice of hero”

Power Line writes about Remembering the indispensable man.

Bagel Blogger posts about Eric Hunt. Aron also posts about Foregoing National Security Interests for Short term Political Gain.

Chaim presents The Enemy Within posted at Freedom, saying, “The Democratic brilliantly diabolic plan to thwart the President and… the Constitution”

Seraphic Secret presents Divest From Terror.

YidwithLid also presents An Ugly Democrat: John Edwards.

Daniel Pipes presents My Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations.

Jewish Blogging:

If you speak Yiddish and you love blogs and the internet, you MUST check out the Yiddish Wikipedia. The front page is updated every morning by 9 am!

Bagelblogger presents The 2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards are steaming your way…. posted at Bagel Blogger.

Irina writes about the state of the Blogosphere and being P.C.

Jewish Blogmeister has a new blogging series called “Best in Baby Products

Treppenwitz asksyou to please send Buttons and Baskets for a very noble class project.

Voz Iz Neias shows everyone what a Jewish blog can accomplish.

A Simple Jew presents Three Friends – Then & Now [Part II] posted at A Simple Jew.

Mottel presents Going Home? posted at Letters of Thought.

Jameel updates us on his trip to Paris with “Paris Wrapup. On to England…

The 2nd editon of the JPix photo carnival is about to be put up at Bagelbloggers. This is a great Idea, Life of Rubin will be hosting JPix4 the fourth edition of JPIx in a months time and I’m looking forward to it. Anyway make sure you check out JPix Number 2.

Judaism & other Jewish things:

Rafi G asks why are Men running all-girls high schools posted at Life in Israel.

Mark has a very interesting post titled “Tfillin and Acupuncture posted at Psycho Toddler.

Daled Amos asks How Do You Blog a Yarchei Kallah?

Shoshana at Sweet Rose has a very well written post titled “Narrow Pathways. A great post.

Purim is coming up and with that we have Verbiage who has a post titled Haman is the Pits

Laz – A – Fare posts about Parshas Terumah / Adar.

parshablog talks about Meir’s First Beracha.

Soccer Dad presents Purim In Dachau posted at Daled Amos.

Cross-Currents brings us Megagiving, Jewish Loyalty, and New Roles for the Orthodox


Shira Salamone
posts “Dashing through the snow”–or not 🙂 which she says was “something short and silly that I wrote on the subway on the way to work.”

Celebration & Tragedy
Dag presents There is no pleasant way to deal with this.

Elie’s Expositions presents the very heartfelt post Truths My Father Told Me.

Heichal Hanaginah emails me his post about Rabbi Avraham Blumenkrantz ZT”L

Rivka presents It’s Adar; reconciling happiness and depression posted at Ha’azina Tefilati.

Sholom presents Levi Okunov’s fashion show posted at Anarcho-Judaism.

Snow Balls and Field Trips
has a guest post by Sarah Layah Shomron titled “On the Road Again – Mount Hermon

muse presents I can’t tell you what I’ve cooked for Shabbat…

Mark presents Whatever Happened to the Jewish Jordan? posted at SportsBiz – The Business of Sports Illuminated.

Muse asks “I was there! Where were you?” A look at the book fair.

Uberdox posts why he is happy, happy, happy.

That concludes this edition.

I’m sorry if I didn’t post your link, I had a very long week and I had to put this together rather quickly, you’ll have to forgive me.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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