The Newest Ban: Miami! (AKA: Predict the Next Ban and Win a Prize!!)

It’s been at least 3 weeks since the Denim thing. I mean … Denim is so January ’07, right? So, of course we all knew a new band would be coming from the World Rabbinical Tribunal.

First of all, didn’t they do something like this in the early ’90s? I’m almost sure of it, if it wasn’t an official ban, then it was some sort of city wide school ban on kids going to Miami.

Second, Frum Satire has an awesome post and some really funny stuff in the comment section as well. I have some comments there too, including being excited about shorter lines waiting for Pizza on a Motzei Pesach. (Assuming anyone would even take this new ban seriously)

Third, in marketing we call this over saturation. The Rabbanim are over saturating the market with these bans. Soon no one will even be able to keep up with them. We’re gonna have to stop collecting Rebbe cards and replace them with Chumrah cards. How else willpeople be able to keep track of them.

Lastly, I would love to hear from people what they think will be next. A bag of Bissli Super Snacks will go to the commenter who correctly predicts the next thing to be banned in the next 6 months. (Contest only applies to United States readers, sorry.)

make your predictions ….. now!


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