Meet Chassidic Jewish Music's Hot Guitar Man

There is something really funny about the fact that Avi Singolda is not a Frum/Chassidic/Hemiesh/Yeshivish yid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not chas v’sholom saying anything bad about him. But I think it’s funny that the man behind the hottest guitar sound in “frum” Jewish music is not himself frum. Maybe it’s just a “don’t ask don’t tell” type of thing. Maybe it’s a “if I don’t see it, I don’t know it” thing. I don’t know. One thing I do know it is, a double standard.

Tell me again how this guy, who isn’t frum, who doesn’t even look frum creates a sound for these Heimish/Chassidic “frum” albums and it’s any different then the guys from Moshav Band or Blue Fringe or Matisyahu. If Yehuda Solomon or C Lanzbom or Dov Rosenblatt were in the picture above and playing guitar for Yaakov Shwekey or MBD or this new guy Shloime Gertner then would their music all of a sudden be considered ok?

It really makes me laugh and it really shows that its all about looks and whats on the outside when it comes to how people treat what is considered Jewish Music.



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