Ohad Vs. Shwekey! Two Men Enter One Man Leaves!

Wouldn’t that be funny, if we made Jewish music singers fight in cage matches. The loser has to sing the other singers songs in all the weddings and cocnerts he performs at for a full year. We could film it and put it on Fox. It could be the worlds first Jewish music reality TV show.

Sameach released a new podcast last night. In the podcast they played two new songs from Ohad’s new CD. (Thankfully not Siman Tov, which Shlager had on its website.) You can download the podcast right here. The first song was Chavivn Yisroel a fast song which was alright. It wasn’t anything mind blowing but it did have a good groove to it. The second song they played was called Odcho and it was much better. This one I like, it felt stronger and heavier – at least musically. Shlager has more pictures and songs samples from Ohad here.

I still don’t think they are using him correctly in these songs though. It would be like going to the most expensive restaurant in the city and being served on paper plates and plastic forks. The man has an amazing voice, he should just be singing the same typical stuff as everyone else.

Sameach also played a new song from Shloimy Gertner’s upcoming album. This song was called Im Ein Ani Li and it was pretty good. It had a great vibe going on and very catchy words. He really does sound a lot like Lipa, but I want to hear more before forming the Shloimy Gertner fan club.

Shwekey was also released yesterday and like Ohad I will be picking up both CD’s sometime over the weekend. I’ll let you know more of what I think of these two albums sometime after that. You can download a sample of Shwekey’s songs here.

As far as what I thought of Shwekey so far, it’s hard to tell because the clips are VERY short. But from the little I did hear I liked Eishes Chayil, it was a very smooth song. I also like Halo Yadata, a new Sephardic song, which are his strengths if you ask me. What isn’t one of his strengths is the Yiddish material, from the 20 seconds I heard In a Vinkele did not sound good at all.

But I’m sure the next Ben bag bag or Yedid is in there somewhere and we’ll be hearing it played at weddings and concerts for months to come.


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