Wednesday Morning Link Drops: Jewish Blog Awareness Month Comes to a Close …

Today is the last day of January, and so closes the first JBlog Awareness Month. I personally want to thank everyone who jumped on board and added to it. I personally found at least 6 new blogs that I now check daily. I hope you found some new blogs too.

Here is my final official roundup, but remember, just because J.B.A.M is over, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to post links to new blogs and always try to promote J-Blogs.


First up is a blog that I found through J.B.A.M. and really love. Frum Satire has the full list of “Ridiculous questions for shidduch background checks


Here is another new blog I found through this months J.B.A.M, and personally I happen to think it’s one of the best new blogs to come around in a while. It’s a group blog and it’s just fun to read. Check out this post which covers exactly who they are and tthey are all about.


Orthomom has a very disturbing story about anti-semitic PSA’s on Indian trains.


Jewish Blogmeister has the update on the new Ohad CD which you can now order at Sameach’s website. Still no sample clips though, other than this one.


A Simple Jew has some very beautiful paintings up at his blog this morning.


SoccerDad has a new edition of “If you Haven’t Read … Then You Must!”


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You enjoyed this blog for 5 years, but sadly now the ride is over. We decided to move the archives here for people who want to go back and revisit old posts and for new people to discover the blog for the first time!
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