Mordechai Bein David Fights Against Music Used Without Permission

Mordechai Ben David is suing Gal
Paz, a music company in Israel (and New York) for taking a collection of popular MBD songs and turning it into a 3CD package of MBD’s Greatest Hits.

According to Shlager, a new Jewish music website, MBD is planning on suing Gal Paz for 5 million dollars. He claims the songs are being used without his permission.

Gal Paz’s side of the story is that they own the rights to these albums in Israel and paid MBD accordingly. If that’s true, then the question is posed, when someone pays for the rights to an album, do they own the album as an its own entity and each individual song? Is it now property of Gal Paz and they could mix and match the songs for such a project?

Gal Paz did the same thing with Avraham Fried a few months back.According to the article he hasn’t decided how he wants to proceed yet.

Here’s what makes this whole story laughable to me.

1) Does MBD really think that whatever damages or money he is owed could somehow add up to 5 Million Dollars? Even if he is right and he remains the owner of the songs and Gal Paz owes him every penny they make on these CD’s. Why on earth would MBD think that somehow it would add up to 5 million dollars?

2) Once again MBD has taken it upon himself to be the face of “honesty” in Jewish music. Once again it’s MBD who has decided to “do the right thing” and stand up for what he believes is wrong. I didn’t know MBD felt such a sense of honesty and duty to right wrongs. If he feels so strongly about these types of abuses then why doesn’t he speak finally speak about his own crimes. Even funnier is that the people who HE stole from aren’t even suing, they were extremely polite and friendly.

3) Anytime MBD tells people that THEY are stealing I can’t help but think of this story.

Let’s call a spade a spade. MBD might be right about this Gal Paz thing. He may be right about people copying his music. But HE should not be the face of this argument. It just makes the whole thing, whats the word of the day – laughable.


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