HASC 20: Concert Pre-Thoughts & Preview

Hasc is one of the few Jewish concerts I go to every year. A close family friend has a child with down syndrome and after she was born it affected me on a very personal level. The child’s parents made very positive impressions on my life during my transition from rebellious teenager to stable healthy young adult.

Watching this child grow from birth really made me learn to appreciate life and appreciate how Hashem gives us these challenges. What I learned most from these people was that you have to be strong and do your best in the face of adversity. So, to make a long story short, I sort of chose Hasc as my “go to” concert of the year. Plus the show is usually pretty good, so why complain.

The last few years have actually been exceptionally good. Hasc 17 and 18 were very large productions and although I enjoyed 18 better, Chaim Dovid’s performance at 17 has to have been my favorite moment.

Last year I didn’t go to the concert, I felt the show was being too watered down. They had raised all the prices and it just cost too much. They didn’t sell as many seats as usual and it just didn’t work out. After seeing the DVD, I can’t say I regret that decision.

This year’s concert is going to feature Avraham Fried who just came out with a new album. So I am sure we will get some new songs, and Ohad as a headliner for the first time at HASC. Ohad is a magnificent singer who literally has a gift. There are many “shiny shoe” singers out there who have OK voices, and end up just sounding like everyone else. Then there is Ohad. Despite the blandness of his first album, the guy has a voice like an angel. When he sings those old Fried songs I get chills. I really hope his new album is toned down from the first releases generic Yossi Green format.

Also appearing at HASC this year will be Dedi (ugh) and Shalsheles Jr., which could go either way. Shalsheles the group is very good, but their sub-release Shalsheles Jr was a little too Chevra/YeshivaBoysChoir for me.

A couple days ago anyone who is on the ONLY SIMCHA’S mailing list received an email announcing that for the first time ever, Avraham Fried would appear on stage at the same time performing a duet with Chazan Helfgot. On the main website all it said was “An internationally known cantor” and then by the end of the day yesterday the whole thing was off the website. A friend of mine tried to find out more from someone “at hasc” and they said they didn’t even know anything about it.

That means either they jumped the gun and announced something that wasn’t finalized yet. Or they jumped the gun and announced something that they had planned to keep as a secret but it somehow ended up online. Hopefully they are just trying to put the genie back into the bottle and keep it a secret rather then the thing isn’t happening. That would be an awesome experience, and I hope it goes through as previously announced.

Last but not least, there will be a new Lipa video. You can’t ever go wrong with Lipa. Gelt and Abi Melelpt were both cute videos and if they are at least the same in terms of quality it will be good. Hopefully whoever was in charge of the recent Shwekey video disaster from last year will stay far away from the Lipa videos.

So those are my thoughts on ‘the before’, check back here Monday morning for my review of the show and my thoughts on how it went. If your going, leave a comment.


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