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An Excellent Guest Post Over at DovBear's Blog.

I love this post over at DovBear‘s blog, but it’s not written by DovBear. It’s written by one of Da Boys from my favorite new blog DaBoysof905. It’s a very mature and intelligent post about dealing with the President’s proposed … Continue reading

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Eitan G – Redemption Time

Yo Yo Yo! (W/ Lenny Solomon!)

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Wednesday Morning Link Drops: Jewish Blog Awareness Month Comes to a Close …

Today is the last day of January, and so closes the first JBlog Awareness Month. I personally want to thank everyone who jumped on board and added to it. I personally found at least 6 new blogs that I now … Continue reading

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Jewish Music News, Reviews and Links

There seems to be a lot going on right now musically. Julie has a great review of Blue Fringe’s newest release. (I know, I know, mine will come soon) MoChassid and Aryeh both have some excellent posts regarding Jewish music … Continue reading

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6 Year Old Jewish Music Prodigy on the Piano!

Wow. See more here.

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The Boro Park Stare!

I meant to post this a couple days ago. I loved this post on the Boro Park stare, it’s one of those things I always get and always mean to blog about but never do. I get it all the … Continue reading

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ChabadTube: New Jewish News Videocast Online

I really must say that each video newscast gets better and better. It’s 30 minutes of entertaining news and shtick. My only critique would be to tone down the O’Reilly’isms. If you want to skip ahead past the Chabad and … Continue reading

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Yud Shvat Links, Pics and Crown Heights in the Snow Pics

Here, here and here.

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A Fresh Snow, A New Header.

I like to keep things fresh with the season. Since we finally had a semi real snow last night. I wanted to grab a picture before the sun melted it. This is the original picture. I took it this morning … Continue reading

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The Suicide Bombing. Horrible. Just Horrible

“It was awful – there was smoke, pieces of flesh all over the place” – Benny Mazgini This is such a horrible thing. It’s just a tragic reminder of how fragile things are in Eretz Yisroel. The murderers behind this … Continue reading

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