Vloger/JBlogger Shmully Tenenhaus on Iraq, ATT and Donald Trump.

Shmully Tenenhaus is a Jewish Blogger from Hallandale, Florida. He blogs and he “YouTube‘s” as well. Or as some would call it, Vlogs, although I’ve always hated that term it just sounds off. Anyway, Shmully has been getting a nice amount of buzz and press lately.

A couple weeks ago he was featured on ABC NEWS in a segment where people emailed, called in, or sent in video clips on “How They Would Handle Iraq”, you can see how he thinks we should handle Iraq in the video below. (Here is the ABC News link) ,(Hint for watching: It’s satire)

Most recently his Apprentice Boycott was picked up by (AOL owned) TV SQUAD blog.

“Blogger Shmuel Tennenhaus, the guy who created an unauthorized profile of American Media editorial director Bonnie Fuller to increase his chances of making it on reality television and who has made his mark on YouTube as one of its most watched talking heads, is calling for a boycott of The Apprentice: Los Angeles.”

See the video below for his actual boycott statement.

He has been mentioned in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution Newspaper for this ATT/BELLSOUTH merger rap that he made. In case your wondering, he’s in favor of it.

(HT TVSqaud)


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