A Day to Remember …A Day to Learn …

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Last night President Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States passed away. I didn’t know too much about President Ford. I mean I know the basics, I knew the history, I knew what was going on at the time. I know how he became Vice-President and then later President when Nixon resigned. But I didn’t grow up with this President. I’m not that old, or at least I’d like to think I’m not and the man I grew up with as President was Ronald Reagen. To me, a political hero of mine and someone I will always remember as the greatest President of my lifetime. But for many people my age, I think today is an important day to learn and a day to go through the history pages and really get to know who Gerald Ford was.

So far this morning I have read and heard some wonderful things. One of which is that many will hopefully look back at his presidency as the first step in healing a deeply divided country over war and scandal. Even Jimmy Carter said in 1977. For myself and for our Nation, I want to thank my predecessor for all he has done to heal our land.”

He was a war veteran and before he became Vice-President and President he served in the House of Representatives for 24 years, 8 of which was House Minority Leader. He was a father and a husband, and I think we owe it to his memory to take this day for some to remember and for some to learn about his legacy.

President Ford led in very similar times back then to where we find ourselves again today. I just hope that we don’t have to go through another Carter (Edwards/Obama) to find our next Reagan.

Oh! One more thing, just by the way, fun fact of the day? President Ford’s middle name was Rudolph, I’m just sayin’ ya know? I’d be nice to have another Rudolph in the White House. 🙂


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