NBC's Heroes Introduces Israeli Hero

What is Heroes? Only the most awesomest new TV show to hit the airwaves this year. NBC’s Heroes is basically X-Men meets Lost meets Battlestar Galactica. If your a comic book geek like I am then you have to watch this show. You can watch all the past episodes free through NBC.com by going here.

One of the cool things that Heroes does is in between episodes they put out this comics online. They can be spoilery, but at the same time they give you information you won’t learn from just the TV show.

Currently the show is on a 7 week break which is common after November sweeps and heading into the December/January months. During the break NBC has continued to put out new comics.

Today they released the newest comic and it is a 4 part introduction to the newest Heroes cast member. The newest Hero will be a woman named Hana, who comes from a long line of proud Jewish woman who have served the Jewish nation as heroes.

Download the full comic here, it’s only 7 pages, and it takes a few minutes to read. I think it’s a very nice depiction and very respectful. I can’t wait to see the story actually hit the TV and play out. So far there is no hint as to what her power might be, all though her heart is mentioned a few times and she is very good at gathering intelligence in her job at the Mossad.


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