Lubavitcher Wins Seat on NH Legislature by 6 Votes

What an amazing story. I am very proud when I see frum yidden taking a vested interested in this countries political process. Some people kvetch about how things are, and some people
actively try to change them. Congratulations to Yehoshua Bedrick. May you make frum yidden everywhere proud.

“Twenty-three-year-old Chabadnik Jason Bedrick has recently made history as the first Orthodox Jew to be elected to the New Hampshire state legislature.

An interesting tidbit in the story is that Bedrick – who won a recount by a mere six votes – received crucial support from the Salem Women’s Club after he wrote to them explaining the religious basis for his habit of not shaking women’s hands.

New Hampshire is home to fewer than 10 Orthodox Jewish families and has a population that is about one percent Jewish, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. Bedrick is a gabbi at the Wellesley Weston Chabad, in Wellesley Hills, Mass.” (link)



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