Why Aren't They Releasing the Full HASC 19 Concert?

Baruch comments on the HASC 19 DVD cover post asking:


I asked the same questions myself. The answer I got was that it cost too much to film properly at Carnegie Hall. I didn’t press the issue but I think that overall they were looking to spend less money last year. Possibly saving up for a big show this year or maybe just looking to cut costs in general. HASC18 was a huge show and (in my opinion) they had a few too many artists. Scaling down wasn’t the worst idea.

As far as last years concert not being fully recorded, trust me, your getting the best of that show anyway. The rest of the concert wasn’t so amazing, I was there. The stage was way too small, everything looked funny and rushed. Most of what isn’t here is just more of Shwekey singing Racheim/Mama Rochel (again) and Yeshiva Boys Choir singing the same songs from HASC 18 and every show they do every Succos, Chanukah and Pesach.

The good news is that what WAS good, like Helfgot and Fried will be there. Helfgot was amazing, even if your aren’t into chazanus (I’m not) it’s really something that you will be in awe of. The Yeshiva Boys Choir music video was very cute as was the The Ninth Man video.

The only thing really missing from this DVD that was good at the concert was Shwekey, Abie Rotenberg & the Yeshiva Boys Choir singing “Shema Yisroel” together, that was very nice. There was also a nice duet of Abie singing “What I Believe”, also from Journeys.

A nice extra on this DVD is that it will have a music video for the famous Journey’s song, “Yes, We’ve got the music” that was cut because of time constraints.


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