There are Tons of Yosef Karduner Videos Online!

Wow, oh wow. It’s like I entered Jewish music heaven. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t still sleeping. Someone put up 12 videos of Yosef Karduner singing his stuff at a show he did in Brooklyn last year. This is all great stuff and there is some really wonderful material there.

It’s funny because just yesterday I was saying that I would love to see Karduner at HASC this year. I encourage anyone who isn’t into this genre of music to just humor me and listen to just this one song. His most popular song. Shir Hamalos.

When your done, go check out the rest of them. Heck, maybe even e-mail hasc and tell them you want to see Yosef Karduner at the show!

If you want to buy one of his albums I would reccomend this one to start out with. Check out more here.


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