Turning the Tables on this Jew for Jesus

This is so funny, it’s literally beyond words. These Bochurim were doing Mivtzoim in Brighton Beach, NY when they encountered this J for J guy. They got him to put on Tefilin and probably be closer with Hashem than he has ever been in his life. The sad truth is that these people need our help more than anyone else. They are also Yidden. Yidden who have fallen the furtherest from the path that you could fall. They still have a Jewish Neshama and they still have a Pintelle Yid.

I know they say not to engage them in discussion, but sometimes I feel like the answer to the J for J problem is turning the tables on them and trying to bring them back to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

I hope in some way, this holy Mitzvah of Tefilin that he performed will wake up that Pinetelle Yid, that tiny spark of godliness left inside him and bring him back on a path to Teshuva.

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