Never Again?

Is it just me or are we now seeing either a “swastika painted on synagogue” or “Jewish cemetery desecrated” story about once every 2 weeks going on about 6 months now.

What is happening today? I don’t think for a second that this is the work of some underground Nazi organization, but what I do think it is, are some bored teenagers who unimaginably think what they are doing is cool. Which begs the question, has being anti semitic become the “in” thing today?

Which begs the even more serious question, how did this become cool amongst 18-25 year olds? Was this the byproduct of their behind closed doors antisemitism by their parents? I mean, look, even Mel freaking, Gibson has now been (officially) outed as a raging anti-semite. Does everyone think this way? This all begs the most frightening question of all. If today it’s “cool” to be an Anti-Semite, what will happen as this trend evolves over the next 20 years? It’s a very scary thought, one that I could never bare taking to a hypothetical conclusion.

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