Toothpaste Confessions

I have to start this off by saying – no, the Crest company is not one of my clients. Now, with that said, you MUST go out right now (wait, come back, let me finish this post first) ok, now, you must buy this flavored toothpaste. The Crest Whitening Expressions Lemon Ice, I’m telling you it’s amazing. I am never happy with my toothpaste, and have always been switching from flavor to flavor, company to company, I never like it.

My wife didn’t want to try it, but I knew this would be the one. Lemon toothpaste. It’s wonderful. It’s like a Shabbos party in your mouth. It tastes like yellow jelly beans. It’s the best toothpaste I ever had. Look, would I be embarrassing myself like this on this blog by telling you how I excited I am over toothpaste if I wasn’t serious? Go take a chance, even if your not into these flavored ones. It’s awesome …


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