Wanting Something

This morning I had a funny conversation with my youngest son, he is still learning to formulate his words, he always knows what he wants, he just doesn’t always remember to convey it in words.

So there he was sitting on the bed, and he wanted to come down. Instead of asking to come down, or in his case pointing impatiently at the floor and asking “downnn, dowennnnn” he just started screaming and kvetching. I came over to him and said, “When you want something, you have to ask for it, otherwise people don’t know what you want and then you can’t have it” Then I asked him again what do you want and he said – this time with a smile “Dohwnnnnnnnn” So I helped him down.

When I was telling him this, it was very funny, because I realized that the lessons we teach our children are so simplistic sometimes. Yet they are all lessons we can take for ourselves even today. You don’t have to be two years old to learn that what you want something in life, you have to speak up.

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