The Jewish Media Calm, Before the Goyishe Media Storm …

First come the Jewish newspaper articles, and then the big media will follow.

Earlier I posted the Something Jewish article, there was also this new Ha’eretz article, these guys are all getting this stuff out early, because once the real media blitz begins, people won’t be reading the smaller papers to find out about Matis.

I’m really excited about the new album, and I’m excited to hear his guest stink on P.O.D.

Interesting quotes in this article:

Since releasing his 2004 JDub debut album Shake Off the Dust… Arise, Matisyahu has taken the North American rock circuit by storm, despite his haredi appearance and religious lyrics. Between classes at a Crown Heights Lubavich yeshiva, Matisyahu plays all over the continent. He appeared at Tennessee’s Bonnaroo hippie mega-festival, which boasted an audience of 80,000 as well as other rock legends. This summer he played the “Reggae on the Rocks” festival at Red Rocks, Colorado and the “Reggae Carifest” in New York City. He also opened for Phish guitarist Trey Anistasio’s solo project at its Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis and St. Louis dates. …………………

Matisyahu explains how his collaboration with Trey Anastasio came to be: “We played at Bonnarroo on Sunday, so I spent shabbes at the Chabad House in Nashville. We were trying to get onstage with one of the main acts. Motzei shabbes (Saturday night), I got a call from Aaron [Bisman], and he said, ‘You’ve got to get back to Bonnaroo, because we got you a meeting with Trey.’

“I met him about 15 minutes before he went onstage. I asked him if I could stand in, and he said, ‘I think it’s a bad idea’ – he already had Bo Bice [American Idol runner-up] going on with him. Then, after I left, he popped his head out of the trailer and said, ‘Do you know any Bob Marley?’ So we ended up doing ‘No Woman No Cry.’ The three of us (Bo Bice, Trey and myself) were on stage. One of the reasons I was doing it was to bring people to God, and the reason American Idol exists is to make people into idols, and Trey was in the middle, so it was an interesting moment.” ……………………………………………

“This time, Matisyahu will be bringing his manager, his own band, his wife and his newborn son. “Were not a band of sex, drugs and rock and roll,” says Bisman. “It’s a Jewish band -it’s a family-friendly environment. His wife travels with him. This is all he wants to do – he wants to be playing shows, and she would never want to take that away from him. His baby rarely cries, partly because he has four of his uncles [referring to the three band members and Bisman himself] on the tour bus with him.”

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