I really want this to be good

Remember back when Disney Channel was the wholesome choice for the kids of the 80’s? Well, I really dug the Herbie movies. They were cool, looking back maybe a bit cheesy, but dude, it was a car that had a personality. Serisouly, what kid wouldnt like it?

Well, as we all know, Lindsey Lohan is now going to star in the new one coming out June 22nd.

The artwork is amazing, it LOOKS very nice. The trailer wasnt so impressive tho.

It’s probably going to suck.

Remember Kids Inc. from the twilight of The Disney Channel Days … ?

Disney must have shown the Herbie Movies every day, and that Escape to Witch Mountain and the movies that always took place in Medville? The original Mickey Mouse club with Annette Funicello ….

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