The hardships of Remembering to Remember

I have the worst memory. I didn’t used to, when I was in school as a kid. I relied on my memory for tests quite often, but over the years, maybe from over usage, my memory is gone. I used to carry tons of little papers and business cards, and finally a couple years a go my wife got me a palm for my birthday, then this pas wedding anniversary I kinda hinted I wanted a new one that had an mp3 and photo viewer in it and got it 😀 (thanks honey!)

Of course now, I still ask my wife constantly “honey, remind me in the morning to …” and she say’s you have a palm, why don’t you add that into it to beep in the morning. But I always forget to put things in there, sometimes I’m driving in the car and remember something to do, but can’t just take out the palm and put it on while I’m driving (although I have seen people doing that)

Lately, I have made a very serious effort to always add everything to my palm.

Impressed right?

Well, this morning I was thinking to myself, what did I want to remember to do this morning, racking my brain, can’t remember, so I e-mail my wife, and she say’s I don’t remember, sorry, why don’t you check your palm, I saw you put it in there.

That’s right! I did, Thanks Honey!

I reach into my briefcase, and open up that pocket and … I remember I left my palm at home, forgot to put it back into my briefcase after playing Tetris and listening to some podcasts on it last night in bed.

So much for remembering to remember. Maybe If I tied a string to it and stapled it to my forehead …

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