Thank You America!

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I just had some short comments on today’s holiday. Today is the day when we celebrate the memories of the soldiers who have died fighting for this great country. This country has given Jewish people the most freedom’s and love that we have ever received from any other nation in history. An image that I always recall during times when I’m thankful for America and the solider’s who keep it free. Is the image of American troops at the end of WW II, coming to the Concentration camps, freeing and releasing all the people held there.

In a way (I said in a way, not directly) Israel owe’s it’s birth to the death’s of so many American Solidiers.

Something else I was thinking is that we should never let Freedom of Religion in this country turn into being free from religion. The founding fathers created that concept to keep monarchs, priests, and dictators from forcing people to accept a particular religion. To allow people to freely practice any religion they wish to. In recent times we have seen a departure from spirituality in this country. Too often we hear about a school clamping down on “creationism” and pushing through agenda’s that seek to teach force evolutionism onto our children. Plus other recent news stories like The Ten Commandments being removed from court houses (a case the supreme court is taking on this session)

We should always remember that the soldiers who have died, did so fighting for freedom.

Thank You America. Thank You for being a truly great nation. Thank You for being a friend to Israel, Thank You for sticking up for the little guy and Thank You for allowing me be free.
In a related but fun link check this out, a spirit of ’76 painting, created with only a typewriter. Link Here

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