City Tightens Security For Passover

Mayor Mike “Property tax refund’s always come a week before election day” Bloomberg wants us to know we’re safe.

“In addition to having a safe Passover, we want to make sure to the extent that we possibly can the city accommodates the special needs of Passover, so the Department of Sanitation will make lots of extra pickups in community districts with large Orthodox Jewish populations to accommodate the demands of the annual pre-Passover cleansing ritual,” said Bloomberg.

Thanks Mike, but could you do me a favor and send those damn trucks that fix the potholes instead?? There is a pothole outside my house so big, I see the Chinese when I look down.

Note: It’s not that I don’t like Bloomberg, It’s just that he makes me nervous, he is tooooo short and he has the charisma and personality of a dead piece of wood.

and he holds way too many press conferences.

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