I’m in a venting mood, so that might be the theme of the day. Also saddened by the Schiavo death, just an uchy day.

This guy in my office, who is quite possibly the loudest and whiniest Kvetcher in the world is naging at me the whole morning. He doesn’t like his job, always asks me to switch jobs, he kvetches non stop. I don’t understand, this is his job background, this is what he has done at past jobs, if he doesn’t like it, he should quit and find another profession. But he doesn’t, and he does his work, usually fast, and always well, if not for that he would have been let go by now, but he is a good worked, and tries hard.

This morning he had a ton to do, and was having little tantrums, so I told him I’d stop what I’m in the middle of doing and help him. All of a sudden he didn’t want his boss helping him I guess, so he say’s no, i can get it all done, etc .. This is not the first time, I’ve offered to ease his load before but always gets turned down. I can understand not wanting your boss to bail you out, but I suspect more than anything he is just a kvetcher. One of these people who always wants to complain about how bad their life is, wo is me.

That to me is the worst kvetcher in the world, don’t kvetch if you don’t want help. Really.

Incidently this is funny …. about kvetching …

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