Jan. 2006

Correcting Baal Korehs 101

Jews in the News, MBD Vs. Matisyahu

Download a Free MBD song.

Lipa Review

Is Uncle Moishy too Goyish?

Showing Humility in the Jewish Music World

Correcting Baal Korehs 101

Jews in the News: Matisyahu vs. MBD

What Happened to the HASC Show?


Toothpaste Confessions


Larry King, Donald Trump and The Blogger

What is Jewish Music? Yahoo Answers!

Do You Kapote?

Why Do I Blog?

What’s on My Ipod?

My Problem With Jewish Childrens CD’s

Jewish Music Rock Links


Wanting Something!

My Scars

Peanut Butter and White Meat?

Do You Think It’s Showey Enough?

Helping Yourself Through Helping Others

Dirrtttyyy Music Lyrics

CD Sales Powered Cholent

Fudging Up Munich

EW’s Reviewing of Ushpizin and Paper Clips, My Issues

My Issues with Sesame Street

Thoughts on Mass Delusion, Defending Chabad

First the Penny, Now the Nickel?



Weekend Update, Covering the News

Take A Penny, Leave a Penny, Or Just LEAVE THE PENNY!

Showing Some LuLove


Thoughts on New Jewish Music

The $1000 Park Bench Incident


Looking Good

Got Lost?

Everything Wrapped Up in 22 Minutes

You Know Whose the Biggest Idiot of Them All?

You Know Whose a Big Idiot?

Reaction to Leon Wieseltier’s Gaza Article

I’ve Got Gas, Do You?

Tropical Depression

AUGUST 2005 and Earlier

Free Shwekey CD Giveaway

Getting My Jewish Rock On!

The Big Bigger Biggest Fish

Giving into Terrorism on this sad day

Chaim, why is the orange ribbon I gave you lying in your trash can?

Orange Blues

How hard is it to just lock the door?

MY Conversation with Dell

Thoughts on the Schwekey FREE CD Giveaway

A New Breed of Jewish Music Marketing

My Interview with Eli7

Review of HP’s Half Blood Prince


Searching Subway Riders

The Worst Cable News Show

Is it Goyish or Jewish?

Extreme Orange

Saying “I Don’t Know”

Honesty and Integrity in Business

Things I Noticed in Shul …

They’re Gone!!!! A Story About Neighbors

Making Lists


The Man in My Fish Tank

What’s Your Mitzvah?

Intolerable Religion

Practical Application of Halacha

A Baal Teshuvah’s Realization

Are you Israeli or are you Jewish?

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